The HSK exam is the international standard providing non-native Mandarin speakers a benchmark to boldly use their Mandarin language skills throughout their daily lives, as well as in their studies and work.

Why learn about the HSK with us?

TutorABC Chinese HSK lessons are tailored to each HSK level’s learning points and taught by experienced teachers, giving you the best learning result and a greater probability at passing your HSK exam with flying colors!

What will I learn in my HSK lessons?

Levels HSK 1 HSK 2 HSK 3 HSK 4 HSK 5 HSK 6
4 tones and Chinese phonetic
Basic self-introduction and greetings
Communicate in simple tasks requiring
Summarize the information received
Make regular interaction with native speakers quite possible
Present clear, detailed descriptions
Organize, assemble, categorize and analyze thoughts in Chinese
Express fluently and convey finer shades of meaning precisely
Clear and concise sentence structures
HSK Materials 30 50 60 68 120 120
Grammar 37 34 69 46 48 36
Vocabulary 150 300 600 1,200 2,500 Over 5,000

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