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Last Updated: 2022-04-12

Welcome to TutorABC Chinese, the premier service for people around the world to learn Chinese. The TutorABC Chinese website, TutorABC Chinese application and services provided therein (collectively and respectively referred to as the “TutorABC Chinese Services”) are owned, operated and provided by TutorABC, Inc., a company organized under the laws of Republic of China (R.O.C., Taiwan) (“we”,“us” or “TutorABC Chinese”)

We respect and protect the privacy rights of all users who use the TutorABC Chinese Services. We will collect, store, use, protect and share the user's personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Before you use the TutorABC Chinese Services, we hope to explain to you how we collect, store, use, transfer, process, protect and share your data through this Privacy Policy. We will endeavor to make the relevant technical terms in this Privacy Policy concise and provide explanation for your ease understanding.

You are welcome to sign up for an account of our online platform. By ticking the box in the “I agree to the Privacy Policy”, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy, and understand that agreeing to the terms will be deemed as your consent to TutorABC Chinese to collect, store, use, transfer, process and share your personal data. Your consent and the contract between you and us will be the law ground for us to deal with your personal data. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before sharing your personal data with us.


  • What data do we collect
  • How will we use your data
  • How long do we store your data
  • International data transfers
  • What are your data protection rights
  • Security
  • Links to Other Website
  • Referral of friends
  • Children
  • Changes to this privacy policy
  • How to contact us

● What data do we collect

You may be asked to provide your personal data or turn on permissions of your device to us for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. You are entitled to choose whether comply with such requests or not, but if you choose not to do so, we may not be able to provide you with our services or response to your queries. The personal data we collect is as follows:

  • Personal data

    When you register for an account, create your personal profile of the TutorABC Chinese Services and apply to be our teacher or student, you may be required to provide your personal information such as email address, password, name, gender, date of birth, nationality, current location, credit card number, contact information. When you apply to be our teacher, you may be required to provide teaching experience, education information, current living address, home address, permanent address, first language, cellphone number, ID number and picture, bank account information, Paypal account and brief information additionally.

  • Qualification certificates

    When you apply to be our teacher, you will be required to provide relevant certificates to us, including a Bachelor's degree or higher, teaching certificates and identity documents.

  • Audio and video records

    If you’re a teacher, we may arrange an Interview for the purpose of evaluating the possibility of our cooperation. Such an interview will be held via online video conferencing and will be record all or part of it for expediting the interview and facilitating the evaluation process. If you’re a student, we may arrange a trial session for the purpose of evaluating your language ability levels, understanding your background and interest. When you attend any online Interviews or trial sessions with TutorABC Chinese via video, we may record all or part of such interviews or trial sessions. If you participate in the interview or trial session, you agree to the recording and storage of such recordings in our system.

  • Log records

    When you log in the TutorABC Chinese Services, we automatically receive information from your device. We may record any account’s log information, such as the apps from which you entered the TutorABC Chinese Services, the apps to which you head when you leave the TutorABC Chinese Services, the amount of time you spend on the TutorABC Chinese Services, as well as your behaviors on the TutorABC Chinese Services. If you log in our system, you agree to the recording and storage of such login activities.

    We will also record the IP address of your proxy server that you use to access the Internet and your type of device. We will use the foregoing information to help improve the TutorABC Chinese Services.

  • Performance records

    or the purpose of evaluating your performance, preventing inappropriate language and behavior, letting participants review after sessions, when you attend any online sessions, we may record all or part of the session including your voice, accent, intonation, vocalization, facial expression, body movements (students can choose turn off camera), languages, typing content, evaluation of other participants and the other part of your performance to review afterward. Once you participate in any online sessions, you agree to the recording and storage of such audio and video recordings in our system.

  • Cookies

    When you visit the TutorABC Chinese Services, we may use cookies to collect the details of your visits. A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or an application. When you visit the website or application again, the cookie allows that website or application to recognize your web browser. Most web browsers can be set to disable the use of cookies. However, if you disable the cookies, you may not be able to access functionality on the TutorABC Chinese Services correctly or at all.

  • Information from partners

    In order to provide better services, we may use some software development kits (“SDKs”) in the TutorABC Chinese Services. These SDKs partners will collect your data, including device information and activities information on the TutorABC Chinese Services. We will require such SDKs partners to have lawful rights to collect and use your data before providing us with any data.

● How will we use your data

We will process and use your data as specified below within the time period for each purpose, or within the retention period in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

  • Providing and maintaining our services

    We use your data to deliver our services, and keep our services function as intended. Within the purpose, we may use your data to:

    - Verify data you provide us;

    - Register your account;

    - Update your teacher or student profile;

    - Communicate with you;

    - Promote safety and security of the TutorABC Chinese Services;

    - Provide personalized services for you;

    - Arrange suitable participants (teachers or students) and topics of sessions for you;

    - Optimize our services, such as data analysis and research to improve the TutorABC Chinese Services;

    - Check whether your device and internet satisfy the requirements of the TutorABC Chinese Services;

    - Provide necessary assistance in case of any technical issues;

    - Recognize you when you return to the TutorABC Chinese Services.

  • Sharing with the other users

    If you’re a teacher, for students’ understanding and acknowledgement of the qualification and professionalism of teachers, we will share your following data with our students:

    - Personal introduction video;

    - Name;

    - Gender;

    - Teaching experience;

    - Required certificate;

    - Highest degree;

    - Accent;

    - Brief information;

    If you’re a participant including teacher or student of any sessions, for carrying out the online interactive language sessions, we will share your following data with the other participants of the sessions you join:

    - Name;

    - Voice;

    - Appearance, facial expression, body movements (students can choose turn off camera).

  • Legal purpose

    We may access, preserve, and disclose your personal data or other account information if we believe it is required or appropriate to (a) comply with law, regulation, legal process, such as a court order or subpoena, or governmental request; (b) detect, prevent or address fraud, security or technical issues; and (c) protect against harm to your, our or others’ rights, property or safety, or the public as required or permitted by law.

  • Sharing with affiliates

    We may share your data with our affiliates and use it consistent with this Privacy Policy. In the event that our affiliates intend to use your data outside of this Privacy Policy, we will seek your further consent again.

● How long do we store your data

The retention period we store your personal data will not be longer than necessary in relation to the purpose for which they are collected, or otherwise permitted or required by laws. Different retention periods apply to different types of personal data that we hold, depending on the data collection/usage purpose and relevant legal and operational requirements, including backup, archival, audit, or other business purposes.

● International data transfers

We run a live online interactive language platform globally to enable native speakers to share their language learning skills with learners online without boundaries. We set up computer servers and business premises in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which may not be the country you currently reside in. In that scenario, PLEASE NOTE:

  • Your personal data will be transferred overseas to our computer servers in Hong Kong and Taiwan and your relevant data as specified above will be partly disclosed to the other participants of sessions of our platform who reside in different countries from you.

  • Data protection laws differ among countries. Although both Hong Kong and Taiwan have their own laws or regulations of personal data protection, the content and level of protection may not be consistent with the laws or regulations of country you currently reside in.

  • If you reside in the territory where General Data Protection Regulation EU(GDPR) apply to, please note the European Commission has so far only recognized some non-EU countries as providing adequate protection, and currently we DO NOT execute any Appropriate Safeguards defined by GDPR. However, regardless of where we process data in, we will provide appropriate protection as described in this Privacy Policy.

  • Your use of the TutorABC Chinese Services or submission of any personal data will be deemed as your consent to the transfer of your personal data outside of your home country.

  • Your consent will be deemed as the law ground for us to process the international transfers of your personal data in most jurisdictions.

What are your data protection rights

You have rights to decide whether to provide personal data at your sole discretion. However, your refusal, submission of incomplete data and/or any failure to disclose your personal data to us may lead to our inability to provide you with the relevant or more suitable services. You may have the following rights to your personal data we hold about you:

  • Right to withdraw consent

    You have the right to withdraw your consent of authorizing us to collect and process your data by sending written notification to us. The withdrawal of your consent will not affect the lawfulness of the activities of collection, storage, usage, and sharing of your data that are done before the day we receive your written notice of withdraw your consent.

  • Right to review your personal Data

    You may submit any inquiry and request for review of your personal data.

  • Right to rectify or update your personal data

    You have the right to rectify and update your data to ensure that your data on our system is up to date, complete and accurate. You can rectify or update your data by accessing your account settings and/or with the assistance of our staff.

  • Right to restrict or stop the collection, process or usage of your personal data

    You have the right to require us to restrict or stop the collection, processing or usage of your personal data under certain conditions.

  • Right to delete or erase your personal data

    You have the right to submit any request to remove, delete, or erase your personal data in case that it is no longer required for the purposes of which your data initially collected or processed or when you withdraw your consent or require us to stop processing your data.

We may charge you a reasonable fee for the cost incurred when you submit unfounded and/or excessive requests of the rights mentioned above. If you make a request of the above rights, we will respond to you within one (1) month.

● Security

By submitting your personal data, you agree to the storage of the collected data in our internal systems. Please be reminded that any data you disclose in the sessions may become public for there’re other participants. You should be cautious when disclosing personal data to any person. We are committed to keep the personal data we store secure and we have taken measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized use. However, no measures can guarantee secure.

● Links to Other Website

The TutorABC Chinese Services may contain links to third party websites and applications. Please note that we are not responsible for the protection of your privacy on other websites and applications. When leaving the TutorABC Chinese Services, it is recommended that you should be extra cautious and carefully read the privacy policies of other websites and applications which collect your personal information. This Privacy Policy only applies to the information collected on the TutorABC Chinese Services.

If you utilize search engine function of the third-party websites, such function is only for you to access the desired information quickly. You receive such information by utilizing the search engine of third parties, which shall not mean that we have any cooperation with the operators of the third party websites or applications. If you encounter any dispute or damage by using such websites and applications, please contact their operators. We assume no responsibilities and liabilities.

● Referral of friends

If you wish to refer your friends or family members to join us or participate in related activities, you will be required to provide their email address to us. We will send an auto-generated email to invite them to visit our website and application. You hereby confirm that you have obtained their consent to share their data with us. And your friend or family members will be subject to this Privacy Policy and the terms of service of TutorABC Chinese.

● Children

If you are under 16 years old, please ask your parents (or guardians) to read this Privacy Policy and obtain parental (or guardians’) consent to this Privacy Policy. If you are under the age aforementioned, once you tick the box in the “I agree to the Privacy Policy”, or your parents (or guardians) pay for you, we assume you obtain parental (or guardians’) consent.

● Changes to this privacy policy

According to the actual operational requirements or the laws and regulations, we may keep this Privacy Policy under regular review and places any updates on the TutorABC Chinese Services. Your continued use of the TutorABC Chinese Services will mean your acceptance of such changes and that any data collected or provided after such change will be governed by the updated Privacy Policy. If we intend to apply the amendments to you, we will provide you with the notice of the changes by reasonable commercial means such as on the websites or by email.

● How to contact us

We value your experience and invite you to share your opinion or feedback regarding the TutorABC Chinese Services. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on the TutorABC Chinese Services, the data we hold on you, or you would like to exercise one of your data protection right, please contact us at the email of cp_tm@tutorabcchinese.com.