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Help Center

  1. Our classroom platform is created specifically for our online lessons, so it doesn’t require you to download any software.
    1. For computer/laptop users: Please use Google Chrome ONLY as your browser while accessing our platform. You might be asked to update your Google Chrome to the version of 67 or above to be compatible. If you haven’t updated it yet, you may get it at Resources.
    2. For mobile device users: Please access our platform via "TutorMing Classroom" app ONLY to avoid possible technical difficulty. You may find the app in both App Store and Play Store.
  2. Our platform detects the time zone setting on your device automatically, so your session will be scheduled at your local time.
  3. All of our classes start right at the half hour, so the classroom will not be opened until 3 minutes before the class starts.
    For example, if you have reserved a class at 8:30 AM, you won’t be able to join the class until 8:27 AM.
  4. A pair of headset will be very helpful to avoid possible echo during your class.
  5. Since VPN may slow down your internet and misroute the IP datagram, please turn off VPN while taking your class.

To maximize connection quality, please close any BT or P2P programs, such as Skype, and make sure you aren't downloading large files at the same time as your session.

Check this video and get more details about how to get started with your TutorMing class.